April 17, 2011

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Supervisors’ action on trail is breaking hearts

EDITOR: Hey, wouldn’t it be great to take a train ride from El Dorado to Folsom this time of year when the fields are green and the wildflowers are prolific? That’s the dream of a group of enthusiastic volunteers who have been working for many years to see that very thing become a reality.
However, your El Dorado County Board of Supervisors is considering taking an action in the near future that will put an end to that dream forever.
At the March 28 board meeting a motion was made by Supervisor John Knight, seconded by Supervisor Ron Briggs, as follows: 1) Adopt the map establishing priority uses as follows: a) Segment 1-17.5 mile length from the county line through Latrobe to Mother Lode crossing as a multi-use trail including bike path and equestrian trail; b) Segment 2-6 mile length from Mother Lode crossing (mile marker 17.5) through Shingle Springs and El Dorado to Missouri Flat Road to be set aside as a joint multi-use trail for all trail users, historical railroad and an excursion train; c) Segment 3-Bike routes to the east of Missouri Flat Road existing Class 1 bike path, bike lanes, and bike route; 2) Direct staff to explore the feasibility and legality of removing the tracks in Segment 1 and consider if there are other alternatives to removing the tracks; and 3) Direct staff to return with further information on May 17.
Key words here are removing the tracks in Segment 1, which would not only be destroying a valuable historical resource in El Dorado County but, of course, would also make the dream of a large group of volunteers who have worked many hours and many years on the rail bed disappear.
So let your supervisor know how you feel about this issue and e-mail or write them soon. You can address letters to the Board of Supervisors, 360 Fair Lane, Placerville 95667 or go to the El Dorado County Website for e-mail addresses.

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