March 11, 2011

We Need Your Support!


Is a historical railroad and an excursion train ride through beautiful country priority for you? We need you!
1) EMAIL & CALL each Supervisor:
Stating the importance of  the El Dorado Trail to you.
District 1 – John Knight – | (530) 621-5650
District 2 – Ray Nutting – | (530) 621-5651
District 3 – Jack Sweeney – | (530) 621-5652
District 4 – Ron Briggs – | (530) 621-6513
District 5 – Norma Santiago – | (530) 621-6577
Why is the PSVRR important to you?
1)  Historic Trains promote a family atmosphere.
2) Trains connect communities, schools, neighborhoods, businesses, and towns.
3)  Historical Trains boost the economy!  Numerous railroads including the Durango and Silverton, V&T in Nevada, the Railroad Museum and train ride in Sacramento, etc. attract thousands of visitors annually! 
4)  The Placerville Branch is connected to the very first railroad to have ever been built east of the Rockies!
5)  With beautiful vistas, this train ride takes you through some of the most majestic scenery in North America!


Santa Cruz recently spent $20 million to purchase a similar rail line in order to preserve rail traffic and protect the ability to have an excursion railroad operating for years to come.  We are asking for your support in bringing awareness to the local governments that the only way to go is to leave the tracks for future generations to enjoy and create a mix use for this corridor.