November 05, 2009

Snow Plow On The Howard Terminal?


Soon the whistle will be blowing and the trains will be running due to the drive of several very dedicated men and women. I know it has been a long road to get to where we are now but I know it has all been worth it. Many of the people involved in this project have donated years of service and have been supported by their families in keeping this vision alive.

There is a lot of life left in these rails and it is very exciting to see brand new ties being put in and the rails beginning to shine. If you have not had a chance to see the beautiful scenery on the line you are in for a very nice surprise. The line makes it's way through the foothills giving view of mountain ranges, creeks, wildlife, forests, vineyards, old ranches, and much more. And there are 35 miles of track still there from Folsom to Placerville. I have been on the entire route and it is awesome!

(Pictures courtesy of Philip Rose)