February 12, 2012

Pictures from 2006 of MP 112.7 in Folsom

 It is great to see the momentum of the PSVRR gaining ground.  This past Saturday there were so many volunteers that parking was an issue.  That didn't used to happen and it is exciting to be close to seeing trains running again on the line.  

This post is from 2006 in the same location where a drainage ditch was dug out and the water redirected.  The water used to run down the middle of the tracks year round.  The post after these pictures shows the work from this past weekend.  

The "SWAMP"  circa 2006 MP 112.7

Joe Mayer rides "the wedge" with Al waiting for his turn. We would use the Skagit and flat car to push this through and then drag the  junk back to a clearing and clean off the wedge.  It was like riding a bad horse that had a tendency to buck you off half the time.  It would take about three days of this to get through to the end.

I took these pictures a few months after I did the drainage ditch. The tracks could finally dry out.  The ties have been under water for years but seem to be in relatively good shape.   

Culvert Work at MP 112 in Folsom on Feb 11, 2012

(click on any photo to enlarge)

At the wye

John beginning to dig 

Crew coming up on the scene

Later in the day after the culvert was inserted