July 02, 2010

Your Support Is Needed

The resolution is to validate the definition of full phase development of the Railroad Park, as was conceptually approved by the current Supervisors last year 5 to 0. Trails is asserting our phase one was a full phase definition, contrary to Sweeneys expressed position during discussion prior to the approving vote. It also authorizes Museum Administrator to effect the administrative work to initiate the Railroad Park living history program, including access for MOW spur, initiating ROA's for track work, accepting EDWRF rolling stock as Railroad Park equipment for insurance purposes, and  living history operation start up out of El Dorado.

 Trails group is asserting that track is theirs to remove from Missouri Flat Rd to county line, particularly the track from Missouri Flat Rd to Blanchard Rd, leaving the rail park program dead ended on a forth and back run. Trails were silent until grant money applied for ( to effect railroad park infrastructure and trail development in multiple venue parallel including horse and mountain bike trail). DOT has plan for parallel development, grant would cover to El Dorado Wye. Trails asserts new trail would cost millions, not enough money in grant unless they get all of it and RR Park gets none.Obvously, trails wants to stop other venue presence on corridor, this resolution would set precedent. 

This is also due to recent JPA meeting decision rebuffing trails speakers, we knew then they would come after Supervisor Sweeney at county level.

SO, you have a precedent moment where Supervisors must either stick to their expressed parallel plan and approve the RR Park full definition and keep track, study the matter further, amend the resolution to trails position by not validating track usage by railroad park to end of track and expose track to removal, or defeat resolution completely stopping administrative work on RR Park.

Whatever happens, great relevance to track to county line and FEDS / recreational rail user plans.

Thanks for your support.

Keith Berry

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